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Shoopi Joopi

2013-11-03 13:45:50 by Joopis

This is my first journal entry. I just wanted to give you guys an I should probably do often now.

First of all, I will be getting back to drawing a lot pretty soon. I've kind of been on hiatus because I've been working on loads of things for other people for a while now. I'm excited to get back to doing my own thing.

Secondly, I bought an artist table at Aniwave 2013. I will be selling 10x15 prints for $10 or 4 prints for $30 in a nice little plastic covering and maybe some buttons and things as well. It's on December 8th, so I'll have a little more time to decide. If you live around Wilmington in North Carolina, you should go. It's a one day event and tickets at the door are under $10, I believe.
I will also have free Joopis postcards.

Much love,

Shoopi Joopi


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2013-11-05 04:16:58

I'd be there if I didn't have to take a plane to get there. :P Keep the artistry vital!


2015-10-14 04:45:21

really old update u still alive m9 :)

Joopis responds:

Oh man, I don't really use Newgrounds anymore. I'm on everywhere else though. Tumblr mostly.